american doldrums

my psychiatrist’s office f’ed up forreal and now they’re kinda scrambling to get an appointment for me even though I will bet my life that I had one for May/June??

this is the weirdest period of me not having meds i’ve ever experienced. everything feels really fine but in an ominous way?? like it feels like something really bad’s going to happen ….feel dream..y…


we got invited to play with a bunch of thrash/metal bands on june 21st lol more details to come 

Anonymous: do you finally bottom now?

everyone should bottom at least once in their lives

every single being on earth



Death Is Forming by Jay Reatard



iceage is scary

disgusting. seriously. 

it’s just funny to me…where all the folks of color in recent alt/indie/punk? give a group of white boys some black clothes and hitler youth haircuts and they’re IN forreal…


(Whispering) bottoming is God’s true gift to mankind





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Leaf by Title Fight

i hate my voice i need to stop tryna sing let’s be a million percent honest with ourselves 


Let Her Go by Mac DeMarco

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My sleeping patterns have become so much more erratic lately and I have a weird feeling that I can’t blame that on my meds this time